NYC Jazz Saxophonist – Director of–NYC Adult Jazz Workshops and Small Groups
  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone Raul da Gama

    "Russ Nolan does not do run of the mill. Whatever the repertoire, he always manages to provide a fresh perspective founded not on gimmicks, but on thoughtful integrity allied to insightful playing"

    Raul da Gama

  • Russ Nolan New York Jazz Saxophonist

    "While making a name for yourself as a saxophonist on the New York jazz scene is no easy feat, Nolan has what it takes to compete with the best of them and he lays it all out on Tell Me."

    Dan Bilawsky
    All About Jazz

  • Russ Nolan NYC Jazz Saxophonist

    "Russ Nolan is a monster in a closet. Not only is he a technical beast, but his musicianship is beyond his age."

    Joshua Musselwhite
    Jazz Improv Magazine

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone Jazz Times

    “Besides being graced with clarity in tone, originality and fluent, assertive phrasing, saxophonist Russ Nolan is a rhythm master.”

    Owen McNally
    WNPR News

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone New York Times

    "A Tenor Saxophonist of Rhythmic and Harmonic Fluency"

    Nate Chinen
    New York Times

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone Review

    "The Werner trio, as an accompanying ensemble, is nothing short of remarkable, propelling Nolan to the heights of artistic achievement...the Trio allows the leader to make a definitive case for his status as one of the jazz world's premiere saxophonists."

    Mark Lomanno
    Jazz Improv Magazine

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone New York Times 2

    "Throughout 'With You in Mind,' the tenor and soprano saxophonist Russ Nolan smartly capitalizes on the whimsy and fire of the pianist Kenny Werner, an experienced hand who resurfaces on this album-release gig."

    Nate Chinen
    New York Times

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone All About Jazz

    "Not your run of the mill tenor player, who leans on speed or a big round tone to impress, Nolan's uniqueness lies in his facility for delicately presenting the upper registers of his instrument."

    Elliot Simon
    All About Jazz

  • Russ Nolan Jazz Saxophone Neil Tesser Chicago

    "His deep-dish tone and meaty phrasing convey his roots in the Chicago tenor style. His flexible and fluent technique reflects his college years in the famed North Texas State jazz program, Meanwhile, the album’s general spit-and-polish marks his time in New York, where the pace of the city and of the jazz scene have burned away any fat in his style."

    Neil Tesser
    The Examiner


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Russ Nolan NYC Latin and Modern Jazz Saxophonist
Russ Nolan's 'Sanctuary from the Ordinary - Live at Firehouse 12' featuring Mike Eckroth, Daniel Foose, and Brian Fishler.