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Russ Nolan’s Jazz Workshop and Concert Options


Choose the Best Workshop and Concert Options for your Jazz Program

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All presentations are based on a school’s individual needs and will meet the students at their level. Most will include a mixture of the following. Teachers may request specific topics in advance.

1. Jazz Improvisation and Theory


• Approaching Jazz as another language and using the same learning process
• Ear Training, ‘Call and Response’ technique
• Building vocabulary through the use of Blues, Bebop, and Pentatonic scales
• Voice leading with 3rds and 7ths
• Listening Lists
• Transcription Process
• Playing beyond the ‘Changes’
• Making a musical statement at any playing level 
• Advanced Topics if appropriate


2. Jazz Ensemble


• Swing Feel—deriving swing 8th notes from the Triplet
• Playing as a section / playing with members of other sections
• Intonation within the group
• Stylistic Interpretations, Shaping Lines, Importance of Dynamics
• Sight-Reading 
• Saxophone Sectionals upon request


3. Jazz Combo


• Standard Repertoire
• Styles of Legendary Jazz Small Groups
• Harmonic and Rhythmic interaction between soloist and rhythm section


4. Jazz Composition and Arranging


• Big Band and Combo — discussions on Re-harmonization, Instrumentation 
• (color, weight, density), Metric Modulations, Form, etc.
• Piano Skills for Non-pianists


5. Music Business


• Taking charge of your future—’YOU, Inc.’
• Practices of the Successful Freelance Musician—making connections, 
• self-promotion, basic marketing skills, and people skills.


6. Jazz Concert with Russ Nolan


• As a soloist with big band or combo—please forward music in advance; 
• discount given when rehearsal and concert are the same evening as the clinic.
• The Russ Nolan Quartet—as part of the performance schedule or as a stand-alone. 
• Fee will depend on prior travel and lodging arrangements.

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